Sponsors and Testimonies

Sponsors and Testimonials

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Divine Fog Realty

Christy's Legacy of Hope

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I believe in the mission of this great organization because of the hope they provide to children who may have been traumatized by their transition into foster care. I’ve witnessed the hard work and the sacrifice by the team members and I've heard the heart of the Founders and seen God’s Grace upon their lives, as He continues to bless this amazing ministry.

Scottie Booker

Principal Broker/Owner - Divine Fog Realty

Christy loved her time at Liberty University and decided to reside in Lynchburg after finishing her graduate work. We couldn't think of a better fit than to work with a Christian organization out of Lynchburg. We love packing all the things for kids in care in the duffle bags provided by this organization and a great way for us to give back in some way by purchasing Bibles and tabs wherever we are able to.

Christy's Legacy of Hope

I’m not even sure how to express in words how helpful and needed Duffle Bag Project is. You guys came alongside us with open arms and without hesitation to support our ministry. We served one little boy which I won’t forget this story - when he received his bag with new clothes and shoes, he didn’t say much about those things. But when he saw the Bible added, he started crying! These are things we take for granted but they truly mean so much and they ARE changing lives! You’ve always been on top of replenishing quickly and promptly when needed. I’m so happy God is blessing this ministry and it’s one of my favorites 🤍

Dana Gunther

Coordinator of Isaiah 117 House Lynchburg, Virginia

These bags help us to pack up all of their new clothing and items to give them dignity and know they are loved. Although people have been the ones to give the items, the Bible verse on the bag helps remind them that God truly gave it all for them.

Renee Curry Coordinator

Isaiah 117 House Bradley Polk County Tennessee

We can't thank you enough! What a blessing these (duffle bags) will be to our kids!

Bair Foundation Child & Family Ministries

Thanks for what you do for children in foster care!

Melissa Schroeder ABC13

We are soooooooo thankful for the Duffle Bag Project!

Isaiah 117 House Duval County Florida

Thank you so much Duffle Bag Project for the donation of bags and also youth Bibles we can offer our kids!

Hillcrest Youth Services


If you are looking to involve yourself in a worthy cause, please consider ours! The Duffle Bag Project (DBP) has provided embroidered bags and tabbed Bibles to children throughout the United States and Pakistan. Our nonprofit has no borders. We aim to distribute duffle bags & Bibles worldwide in the language of the recipient.

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