Trading Trash Bags for duffle bags

Trading Trash Bags for duffle bags

Did You Know 95% of Foster Children Travel with Their Belongings in Trash Bags?

No one should have to travel with their belongings in a trash bag. Our mission is two fold. First, we aim to provide what little dignity we can by supplying foster children with new and durable 22″ duffle bags. Our second mission is to provide a message of hope that will help the children endure what is likely to be the darkest chapter of their life. On every bag we embroider the verse, Joshua 1:9. We also included a colorfully tabbed Bible for each child, if they would like, in the hopes that the children will draw near to the One who can give them the love and hope that they seek.

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If you are looking to involve yourself in a worthy cause, please consider ours! The Duffle Bag Project (DBP) has provided embroidered bags and tabbed Bibles to children throughout the United States, Uganda, and Pakistan. Our nonprofit has no borders. We aim provide what dignity and hope we can worldwide.

About Us

Our goal is to distribute our bags and bibles to every state in the nation and expand globally, embroidering the language of that country on each bag and distributing the Bible in its like language. Currently, most of our distribution has been to Isaiah 117 homes. These homes are a haven for children awaiting foster care placement. Each Isaiah 117 home provides physical and emotional support by its loving staff, which is one of the key reasons we want to support them in their efforts. While the children await placement in these Isaiah homes, they receive one of our duffle bags that is packed by the Isaiah home and its volunteers with new belongings and a tabbed bible. We have also sent our duffle bags and bibles to multiple organizations throughout the states and our goal is to continue to expand our distribution to any that is in need. Our efforts and progress would not be possible if it were not for God’s direction and guidance.


We are a nonprofit organization that operates solely on donations and volunteer efforts. With our open and transparent policy, we make the operation of our finances freely available to the public. Our nonprofit status began June 03, 2021. We upload yearly ledgers on January 30th to maintain this transparency.

Where We've Donated

We have donated to locations across 5 states and 3 countries! We look forward to continuing helping those in need across the globe.

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