Volunteer With Us

Without our volunteers, we would not be where we are today. Through their countless hours and effort, we have been able to bring the impactful love of God to children by providing hundreds of embroidered bags and tabbed bibles! 

Although our ministry is primarily focused on reaching foster children, we have also been blessed to gift other struggling families. With donations of clothing and toys, we have been able to gift local mothers in need, local foster families who reached out through local ministries, and refugees fleeing Afghanistan. 

If your interested in volunteering with us, please fill in the form below so we can connect with you!


If you are looking to involve yourself with a worthy organization aimed at building God’s kingdom, please consider ours! The Duffle Bag Project (DBP) has provided embroidered bags and tabbed bibles to children throughout the United States. So far, these children include those passing through Isaiah 117 homes in four states, children staying in refugee camps that had fled Afghanistan, and local families in need.

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